Chat with NFT Artist Frauncesarts

Morning how are you doing today?

Doing great, how about you?

I am good, working on a NFT project. So how did you enter the NFT world ?

I was introduced to NFTs by my dad, He told me that the future of artist will be in the crypto and that when he explain to me what is NFTs. Initially I dint get it right, we tried different market places but the high gas fees turned me away. Then on twitter I found a NFT artist who was giving away NFTs for free which made me curious and then they introduced me to wax blockchain and automic hub where minting the NFT was less expensive.

Is anyone from your family is an NFT artist?

My dad is an graphic and web designer, he is more into technology. He encouraged me to sell my artwork as NFT. I started as a hobby but now I m thinking of making it a main stream of income and help my parents.

Which was your 1st NFT sold.

My 1st NFT was sold on AtomicHub even before I was whitelisted. I tried my first drop on mintable but was not successful.

Any upcoming projects?

Yes, I have a drop in few days and three collabs lined up, I cannot disclose it right away but soon it will be published.

Which is your favorite NFT project.

Horrors and Gods & legends, I love their artwork. I am into horror and anime so l love their designs.

How can the community get in touch with you?

and telegram.

@Project Voodoo

Thank You for your valuable time. It was nice talking to you, before we finish would like to add anything?

I like to say thank you for this opportunity. Its always my pleasure to tell my stories. I’m glad i meet everyone who becomes part of my journey to the NFT space, thanks to Metaleroz and the Atomikings. Appreciate that you are promoting my art.






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