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How to buy Bitcoin in India 2021

The recent Bitcoin rally has brought about a stir in the market, I am sure you have heard about Bitcoin. Elon Musk has made it official that you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, Tesla also bought $1.5B worth of Bitcoins recently. It is estimated that they bought around 40k Bitcoins out of 21,000,000 bitcoins available in the world. So how to buy Bitcoin?

If you want to enter the Crypto world and be a part of the revolution, there is nothing wrong with investing a small amount in Bitcoin. So how to buy Bitcoin in India?

The easiest way to Invest in Bitcoins is via Crypto Exchange.

If you are looking to add any fraction of Bitcoin to your portfolio, you can easily buy through any crypto exchange. Many exchanges in India facilitate Bitcoin trading for their users. There are a lot of international exchanges available in the world.

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I prefer using WazirX, the best Crypto Exchange in India.

The process of loading money to your Wazirx account is easy. You just have to make a bank transfer or via UPI. Before loading money into your account you have to complete the KYC process. The KYC involves verifying your documents such as Passport, PAN, Aadhar, etc. And most importantly, try to avoid platforms that do not have a KYC in place as it may not be very safe. These exchanges are self-regulated.

Once the KYC is completed you can load money to your online wallet and use the amount to purchase Bitcoin, you can place an order of minimum amount as low as INR 100. Recently Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $60,012

You can place an order for any coin available in the exchange using your balance in the wallet. The cryptocurrencies are stored in wallets which can be an app or maybe a hardware wallet.

Currently, it is legal to buy Bitcoin in India, the government might ban it in the future but the experts are expecting some regulations to cryptocurrencies in India.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for WazirX before it is too late.

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