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How To Make Money Online: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think.

It is possible to make a living out of what you really love.

What if you can make money out of your talent and skills, and, with it, make living out of your passions?


Although this is something many people strive for, working with what you really love, and live a digital nomad life.

This post will help you find a way to make money from your talents and skills.

Discover your Talent?

Talent is everything you have natural ease to learn and do.

Often, we have talents that are so intrinsical that we do not even realize that they are skills.

It could be anything like Gardening, being good at sports or drawing.

Some people do have explicit talents, others still have not found out what they are good at but know that we all have some skill or another.

To find out what some of your talents are, you can answer some questions, being as honest as possible. If you can, write them down to go back to them whenever you need them.

  • What are your main activities outside of work?
  • What are the top 3 topics that you were interested in as a kid?
  • When was the last time you lost track of time doing an activity? Which activity was this?
  • Which activities you do not need any help to do?
  • What do you like talking about the most?
  • If money did not exist, what would you like to do for pleasure?
  • What are the topics that you read and learn about the most?
  • Which particular topic do people ask you to teach?
  • What are your strengths?

After you have all the answers to these questions, you have a version 2.0 of yourself.

In it, you will find some of your talents, which are a great start to start making money from what you really love.

Let’s find out ways to turn them into a source of income.

Create a list of the actions you should take

With the list you wrote of your skills, it is possible to discover the areas you have more aptitude for. And then, you can think of a strategy to make money from your talents.

It is essential to identify who your potential customers may be and then plan accordingly.

With this in mind, we have selected some items that may help you in your journey to make a living out of your skills and talent.

  1. Online Teaching

Every day people seek more knowledge. So, why not think of a way in which you can help people to learn something.

Remember the list of things you read about, are knowledgeable, and that people come to you to learn more about?

These are excellent options for you to teach, even if you do not see yourself as a teacher. Down the line, you can master yourself in teaching.

Then offer lessons and teach as many people as you can, with classes.

Do not think you only need to teach foreign languages or school subjects. You can offer lessons in cooking, coding, music, or any other topic you master.

Once you can obtain the legacy, it is possible to estimate how much you will be able to make with your online classes.

  1. Offer consulting services

Do you know how to build muscles, and are always praised for it? So, you can offer consulting services and help people to lead a healthy life.

Can you design an interior like no one else? What about offering your services as a personal interior designer?

There are infinite possibilities in consulting.

Some companies hire professionals that have good technical knowledge of specific subjects to provide consulting services and improve the performance of a specific area.

  1. Become a freelancer

If you know how to write well, or how to edit videos, for example, you can sell your talents working as a freelancer for other people and companies in your free time. This is a very sought-out niche especially by those who do not want to quit their 9 to 5 jobs, but still want to find a way to make some extra money in their free time.

You can offer your services to people you know that need what you do. You can find people who need your services on websites like freelancers, there are many websites that connect independent professionals to companies that need occasional work done, such as Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and many more

As you carry out more gigs, you earn more reputation, and more jobs you are offered. You will be famous for what you do and will then be able to put together a portfolio to offer to people on the above platforms.

  1. Sell your artwork

Do you love photography?

You can start as a freelance photographer, you can offer services to your friends and relatives and later create a portfolio for your clients

Websites such as Shutter Stock,, and Dreamtime buy professional photos for their image database and you can submit your photos and earn money through these websites.

  1. Start a blog

Do you like writing?

So, you can start your own blog, which will definitely play an important role for you to make money from your writing skills.

The important thing is to start a nice blog and regularly post on the blog. This way, your blog will have many visits and, consequently, build more audience.

Think about what your audience is interested in and create content that may help people to solve the everyday problems they face in your area of expertise.

This strategy is best for people who have created or want to sell an online course. With blog posts, you can generate value for your students, who will, little by little, understand that your product is the best solution for them.

You can monetize your blog with Google AdSense. With these various tools available, you open space for advertisements on your blog and will earn for every click on the advertisements.

You can read an article about the fundamentals of digital marketing over here


  1. Create a digital product

You have probably realized it is possible to teach thousands of students simultaneously! You only must turn your knowledge into a digital product.

As I have already mentioned, there are many formats that can be easily accessed from a computer or smartphone. The most common ones are eBooks, video lessons, audiobooks and host them in an exclusive member area for each student.

This is one of the most scalable ways of working with the internet and you can have Affiliated for your product to generate even more revenue.

  1. Work as an Affiliate`

This is the most important topic in the digital market, which will help you earn passive income.

An Affiliate is someone who promotes products for other people and in return gets a commission for every sale.

Digital products are best-affiliated products. You can use different ways to promote affiliate products.

In affiliate marketing, you do not have to create any product. All you have to do is promote a product or particular website, which in return will help you earn commissions. You have to choose the product for promotion wisely. Most of the e-commerce websites offer affiliate programs, which are free to join.

Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, TataCliq offer affiliate programs.

There are many ways of promoting your work and we have selected the main ones which guarantee better results:

  • Blog

You can talk about almost anything in blogs and this is an excellent way of showing the world who you are and what you do.

The idea is to write interesting content, which attracts the audience with the profile you are aiming at, without mentioning your company all the time.

For example:

If you offer a course on losing weight, write about healthy eating, ways in which people can increase the quality of life, and other subjects which will lead the audience to your product organically.

For more details on Digital Marketing, you can read here

  • Social Media:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites are the best meaning to promote your work, especially if you have a loyal fan base and followers. Choose the one that best fits your niche and audience and keep a steady number of daily posts. It is important that you maintain consistency and always feed your social media with content that can engage your followers.

  • Paid ads:

Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter provide space for people to advertise their products and services, paying a fee for it. These ads are also known as sponsored ads.

  • Email Marketing:

Email is the best tool to communicate directly to your audience.

You can add email address collecting forms on your website and update your audience and send them newsletters


Even though it won’t replace a full-time career at the start, if you’re dedicated and consistent, you can start a small income stream but you can surely make money online using your skills and talent during your free time.

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I realized that nothing in life was guaranteed. Not a well-paying full-time job, no guarantee of a 100K per year salary, regardless of what kind of qualifications you had. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that I had a wake-up call.
I decided that it was time to build something of my own, something that will be mine no matter what.
And so, in October 2020, The Blueprint Vibe was born.

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